Duties and Powers

The following duties and authorities are defined in Article 5 of the Law on the Establishment, Coordination and Duties of Development Agencies:

Providing technical support for planning studies of local governments.

Supporting activities and projects that ensure the implementation of regional plans and programs; To monitor and evaluate the implementation process of the activities and projects supported in this context and to report the results to the Undersecretariat of State Planning Organization.
To contribute to the development of the rural and local development capacity of the region in accordance with the regional plans and programs and to support the projects within this scope.
To monitor other projects carried out by the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations in the region and deemed important in terms of regional plans and programs.
In order to realize the regional development goals; To develop cooperation between the public sector, private sector and non-governmental organizations.
Using or making available the resources allocated to the Agency in accordance with the regional plans and programs.
To carry out researches to determine the resources and possibilities of the region, to accelerate economic and social development and to increase competitiveness, to support researches made by other persons, institutions and organizations.
To promote or have the business and investment opportunities of the region promoted at national and international level in cooperation with the relevant institutions.
To monitor and coordinate the permission and license transactions and other administrative works and transactions within the scope of duty and authority of investors, public institutions and organizations in the regional provinces within the period specified in the relevant legislation.
To support small and medium-sized enterprises and new entrepreneurs by cooperating with relevant organizations on issues such as management, production, promotion, marketing, technology, finance, organization and workforce training.
Turkey participates in the region to promote the bilateral or multilateral international activities related to the program and to contribute to the development projects under these programs.
To create a website where the activities, financial structure and other issues related to the agency will be published.
Law No. 5449 "Law on Establishment, Coordination and Duties of Development Agencies"