The Location of the Region in the World

Mardin, Batman, Sirnak and Siirt consisting of the TRC3 region is a gateway to the Middle East and North Africa in Turkey's trade. The region is located in the middle north of the Tigris River in Mesopotamia, which has hosted the first civilizations in history.

The Silk Road, which has been used as the most important route in intercontinental trade for centuries, passes through the Region. In addition to this strategic location, other issues that bring the Region to the world agenda are; Neighborhood to Iraq, which is rich with oil resources but has political uncertainty, a part of Hasankeyf settlement, which has a history of 10,000 years, will be flooded by the Ilısu Dam under GAP, Mardin is a city that is a candidate to enter the UNESCO cultural heritage list with its unique historical urban texture and Christianity has an important place in religious tourism because it contains important structures in terms of religion and especially Assyrianism.

Both the Middle East, Turkey and as an area for both Turkey and the foremost of the key reasons play an important role on a global scale for centuries in many different cultures that live together in the region is to provide a role model for the provision of both world peace.

Dicle BÖlgesi 636 Kilometre Irak
Dicle BÖlgesi 1.538,5 Kilometre İran
Dicle BÖlgesi 612.5 Kilometre Suriye