Position Zone in Turkey

TRC3 Area, 3.39% of Turkey's total land area and constitute 2.71% of the population. In the north Bitlis and Mush, northeast in Van, eastern Hakkari, west Sanliurfa and the region adjacent to the northwest in Diyarbakir, Turkey's socio - economic development of the first on sustain the necessary nature of inter-regional and intra-regional inequalities removal requirement comes. the region socio - ensuring economic development, and many other social and economic indicators will increase the citizens' welfare and happiness of living which is in the area behind the average of Turkey, and is believed to facilitate the solution of many people victimizing and a huge burden on the use of national resources terrorism problem. In addition, the regional development approach, which is also affected by the EU membership process and EU regional policies, is important for the TRC3 Region.

Area each year providing an increasing contribution to the country's exports, Turkey's "good neighborly relations" based on what the new foreign policy plays an important role in relations with Iraq and Syria. The abolition of visas with many Middle Eastern and African countries, including the two mentioned countries, is considered as positive developments in terms of both foreign trade and good relations.

As a rising value in culture and faith tourism, the region has taken its place among the places preferred by many local and foreign tourists with its unique nature, architectural structure and culture. The region is flooded with tourists especially in the spring months.

TRC3 Region has a potential in terms of agricultural industry thanks to local products such as peanut, pomegranate, walnut and cherry as well as field products such as wheat, cotton, corn, red lentils grown. It is expected that the GAP irrigation channels reach the Region, the mined lands are brought into the agricultural sector by clearing them, and the ongoing land consolidation works are completed, and the region will be able to efficiently and effectively evaluate the agricultural potential and contribute to the country's agriculture.

Turkey is vital for oil, lignite, phosphate, copper, chromium as many underground resource is located in TRC3 region. While oil in Batman has been used for many years, asphaltite, which has 81 million tons of reserves in Şırnak, cannot be used as fuel in homes due to its high sulfur content, and the work to establish thermal power plants using asphaltite in Şırnak and its districts continues.